• Hi! I love what you all do but I’m not a woman of color. Can I still join an event?
    • Black Girls Trekkin’ is primarily a group meant to provide a safe space for black women to explore the outdoors and connect with one another. However, we welcome our allies of every race, ethnicity, or gender who support our mission. We may occasionally host events that delve into topics or issues that are prominently experienced by black women. If you’re ever unsure, you can always ask! We always appreciate the thought and are happy to answer any questions.
  • Is Black Girls Trekkin’ just a hiking group?
    • Okay, maybe this isn’t frequently asked, but we still want to say “No!”. If you’re familiar with us you know our roots are in hiking and we definitely plan to keep hosting hikes. But as we grow, we’re hoping to mix it up a little. That means more rock climbing, kayaking, snorkeling, outdoor yoga, beach/trail clean-ups, outdoor photography skills, and more! Have an idea for something BGT should do? Let us know!
  • Where do your events take place?
    • Our group is based in Los Angeles, CA. We host events all over LA county and we sometimes take day trips outside of the city. We’re working on a plan to create chapters in other states. If you want to help us branch out, find out how you can support BGT.
  • Can kids go to the events?
    • Yes! While some of our outdoor events may be too strenuous, we try to host one family-friendly event per month. Be sure to read the details of each event to make sure it’s right for your nature explorers. Please also keep in mind that while the trail may be little-leg friendly, we can not guarantee that all conversations had by adults will be little-ear friendly.
  • How can I find out about your events?
  • Why are your events password protected?
    • BGT is truly a community where it’s not unusual for everyone to get to know each other and for genuine friendships to form. We really value this kind of atmosphere, so we keep our events slightly more private. Please know that our intention is not to exclude anyone, but just to keep track of how many people are attending.
  • I have a really great hobby, skill, idea, or business and I want to find out how I can collaborate with BGT. What should I do???
    • Email us! As long as it aligns with our values we would love to hear about ways we can work together.

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