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About us

Our Mission

The mission of BGT is to provide experiences that inspire Black women to pursue outdoors adventures with confidence, establish connections with one another, recreate on the land with care, and rekindle a deep-rooted cultural relationship with nature.

Our Principles


We’re here to show the world that Black women have a thirst for outdoor experiences that are too often underrepresented or unacknowledged. We’re adventurous, Black women who trek it out in the great outdoors!

Diversity and Inclusion

Though our group was created for Black women, we strive to show support for- and stand in unity with- all underrepresented groups. If you have ever felt left out of the outdoor community based on any aspect of your identity, know that we support and respect you! Everyone belongs outside and should have the ability to connect with the outdoors in their own way.

Education and Conservation

We hope to inspire and build a community of people who want to preserve and protect this wonderful planet. Not only do we enjoy being outdoors, we enjoy taking care of it too. We try our best to educate our community about our wonderful planet and why it’s worth protecting.

Meet The Team

Tiffany Tharpe
CEO + Founder


Michelle Warren

Nicole Snell
Adventure Leader

Kaira Lewis
Adventure Leader

Brianna Cunningham
Adventure Leader

Destinee Stewart
Adventure Leader

Erikka Yancy
Board Secretary

Iris Hill 
Board Treasurer


Black Girls Trekkin’ is primarily a group meant to provide a safe space for Black women to explore the outdoors and connect with one another. However, we welcome our allies of every race, ethnicity, or gender who support our mission. We may occasionally host events that delve into topics or issues that are predominantly experienced by Black women. If you’re ever unsure, you can always ask! We always appreciate the thought and are happy to answer any questions.

If you’re familiar with us you know our roots are in hiking and we definitely plan to keep hosting hikes. But as we grow, we’re hoping to mix it up a little. That means more camping, rock climbing, kayaking, snorkeling, outdoor yoga, beach/trail clean-ups, outdoor photography skills, and more! Have an idea for something BGT should do? Let us know!

Our group is based in Los Angeles, CA. We host events all over LA County as well as Orange County, and Riverside County. We also take day trips to further destinations like Santa Barbara and San Diego. We’re working to create chapters in other states. If you want to help us branch out, find out how you can support BGT.

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A major goal for BGT is to make the outdoors accessible. To this end, we try to keep most of our events free or at a discounted cost. Typically we only charge for events that require us to provide supplies, food, transportation, or venue access. In these instances we try to supplement these costs through partner collaborations or our own funding to make them as accessible as possible.  


Black Girls Trekkin’

Your donation helps our organization continue to grow and expose our community to the outdoors in a more accessible way.